Requirements For Documention – Retired Army Personnel

  1. Certificate of service or Discharge Certificate.
  2. Service Identity Card.
  3. National Identity Card, International Passport or Driver’s License.
  4. Bank Account Details.
  5. Statement of Retirement Savings Account.
  6. Letter of Acceptance of Pensions Fund (PFA).

Requirements For Nok Documentation – Army

  1. Deceased personnel Service Identity Card.
  2. Carbonized copy of NAWIS.
  3. NOK Identity Card.
  4. Declaration as to NOK.
  5. Condolence letter.
  6. Sworn Affidavit.
  7. NOTICAS Signal.
  8. Part 11 Orders (for NCO’s only).
  9. Deceased personnel letter of Acceptance of PFA.
  10. NOK passport photograph (2).
  11. Deceased statement of Retirement Savings Account (RSA) balance with the PFA.
  12. Group Life Assurance Death Notification Form.
  13. NOKs Bank Account Details.
  14. Full photograph of Deceased personnel in uniform.
  15. Personal Application Letter for Bulk pension and gratuity.