Requirements For Documentation-Retired Air Force Personnel

  1. Certificate of service or letter of introduction from PMG.
  2. Statement of Retirement Savings Account.
  3. Letter of Acceptance of Pension Fund Administrator “(PFA).
  4. Retirement Identity Card.
  5. National Identity Card or International passport or Driver’s license.
  6. NAF Form 9B from PMG.
  7. Passport photograph (2).
  8. Retirement Signal.
  9. Bank statement of Account.
  10. Personal Application letter for pension and gratuity.

Requirement For Nok Documentation – Air Force

  1. Certificate of death of deceased personnel.
  2. NAF Form 9A from PMG.
  3. Photocopy of Deceased in uniform.
  4. Passport photograph of NOK (2).
  5. Letter of Condolence.
  6. Bank Account of NOK (Statement of Account).
  7. Identification Card of NOK.
  8. Letter of Identification from PMG.
  9. Court Affidavit.
  10. Part II Order from deceased’s last unit.
  11. NOTICAS. Board of Adjustment.
  12. Statement of Account from deceased PFA.
  13. NOK personal application for Bulk pension/gratuity.