Designed to provide a better understanding of services rendered by the Military Pensions Board.   For procedures, and other pertinent questions requiring immediate answers. They provide basic information, sometimes about fairly complex topics, and will often link to more detailed information.


  • When I retired voluntarily or otherwise, who takes up the payment of my gratuity and monthly pension?

    The Military Pensions Board.

  • How many years would I spend in the service to qualify for monthly pensions?

    Minimum of Ten (10) years

  • How do I collect my monthly pensions?

    Through direct crediting of pensioner’s bank account submitted to the Board

  • What happens if a pensioner dies after collecting his gratuity and few monthly pensions?

    His/her recognised Next of Kin (NOK) would apply for bulk pensions once the deceased has not collected up to five (5) years or sixty (60) months of monthly pensions and would be paid after establishing the facts.

  • If I miss the yearly Military Pensions Verification exercise and subsequently, my monthly pensions stopped, what do I do to restore it?

    You would have to appear in person at the Headquarters MPB for interview and biometrics and then re-instated.

  • When will MPB pay the accumulated and outstanding pensions arrears?

    They will be paid as soon as funds are made available to the MPB by the government.

  • If a serving person dies in active service, who pays the NOK the death benefits?

    The Military Pensions Board will pay the genuine NOK after all the documents has been processed and forwarded to the MPB by the various services.

  • If I am in my village and want to contact the MPB for any enquiry?

    Through the MPB official complaint / enquiries telephone lines. The numbers are 0703117284,08080916302 and 08075338283.

  • As a medically boarded soldier, if I am re-instated or placed back on MPB payroll, do I qualify for arrears?

    No, payment of monthly pensions is from the month re-instated or placed.

  • Can the MPB attend to my proxy on my behalf?

    No, MPB deals directly with the pensioners or NOKs