1.      The attention of the Military Pensions Board (MPB) has been brought
to a news item in one of our national dailies and in the social media
informing military retirees and the general public of the commencement
of a verification exercise from November 26 to December 9 for military
retirees. The MPB wishes to inform our esteemed pensioners to disregard
the said publication in its entirety. For clarification purposes, the
MPB would like to inform that the purported story was lifted from the
website of a popular newspaper which was published 3 years back during
the preparation for the 2017 verification exercise.

2.      Although, the Board is working towards conducting a verification
exercise of military pensioners on its payroll in the near future, no
date has been fixed yet for the exercise. Accordingly, military
pensioners are please urged to remain calm as the Board will adequately
inform them whenever the exercise is to commence.

3.      Finally, all military pensioners are advised to always rely on
established official means of communication provided by the Board to
source their information. Pensioners can call the Board on 09087447782
or 09087994694 or send an email to info@mpb.ng in order to confirm any
issue that concerns them. While thanking our esteemed retirees for their
usual support and understanding, please accept the assurances and
esteemed regards of the Chairman, MPB.

Olayinka Lawal
Flight Lieutenant
Public Relations Officer
Military Pensions Board
9 November 2020