1.    Sequel to the Federal Government lifting of the ban on interstate
movement, please be informed that MPB will commence documentation of the
following categories of persons in batches from 7 July 2020. These
categories include:

a.     Newly voluntary retired military personnel.
b.     Newly medically retired military personnel.
c.     Next-of-kin of deceased military personnel.

This exercise is only for those whose documents has been forwarded to
MPB through their respective services headquarters. In addition,
affected individuals will be contacted through phone calls to officially
notify on when to be present at the Board.

2.    Please be informed that in compliance with the Federal Government
directives on Covid-19 protocols in public places, the MPB has put in
place necessary measures to ensure safety of all. Accordingly, you are
encouraged to please adhere to all protocols as provided by the Board.
Thank you for your usual understanding.

Flight Lieutenant