In furtherance of Military Pensions Board’s resolve to continually render improved services to military pensioners, Next-of-Kin (NOKs) of deceased personnel of the Armed Forces of Nigeria and the public, the Board recently established a Call-Center for handling of all external communication. This particular effort is among numerous initiatives of current Chairman MPB, Maj Gen AB Adamu to receive and promptly resolve all complaints or inquiries pertaining to payment of retirement benefits of Military Pensioners and death benefits of NOKs of deceased personnel. A month pilot run of the call centre has been scheduled to commence from Monday 23rd March, 2020 during which Military Pensioners, NOKs and the public can channel their complaints or inquiries to the Board
through the following telephone numbers from 0800-1600hrs on Mondays – Fridays:
1.    09087447782.
2.    09087994694.
Given the current effort by the Federal Government of Nigeria to curb the spread of COVID-19 Virus, Military Pensioners, NOKs of deceased personnel and the public are enjoined to please channel their complaints or inquiries through MPB’s Call Centre and restrict physical visits to the Board to when it becomes only necessary. Accordingly, the hierarchies of the various Veterans Associations in Nigeria are hereby please requested to disseminate this information to their members and educate them on need for their valued cooperation. Thank you for your anticipated prompt response and usual cooperation please.

Flight Lieutenant
Public Relations Officer