1. The attention of Military Pensions Board (MPB) has been drawn to numerous online information circulating among its pensioners stating wrong figures for the implementation of harmonized military pension. The Board while thanking the Federal Government for approving the harmonization, wishes to categorically state as follows:

a. Harmonization is not pension increment rather deliberate effort to bridge the gap in pensions between certain ranks of pensioners who retired before and after consolidation of salaries in July 2010. Therefore, pensioners should endeavour to find out the actual gap in pension between these two categories of pensioners to avoid speculation.

b. The mostly affected rank brackets for harmonization are Private to Sergeant as well as Brigedier General and above. The harmonization takes effect from August 2016. However, Pension Review Committee under the auspices of the Chief of Defence Staff is working assiduously to review military pension for all retirees.

c. MPB in conjunction with National Salary Income and Wages Commission are working to ensure that approved table by Federal Government is applied during implementation.

2. Consequently, Military Pensioners and other stakeholders are advised to disregard unofficial figures being circulated for the harmonization of military pensions.


Flight Lieutenant Ikenna Ezendu

Public Relations Officer